How to Maintain Work-Life Balance as a Small Business Owner

Entrepreneurs know how much hard work goes into starting and growing a small business. There are long hours, challenges and a lot of elbow grease involved. Even the most passionate small business owners need a break sometimes! To make sure you’re able to put your all into building your small business, you’ll want to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

When your business is just starting out, it can be tough to pull yourself away from work, but working too much and too hard can lead to burnout and stress. Fortunately, achieving work-life balance is entirely possible when you own your own business. In fact, it might even be easier as an entrepreneur! Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Take control of your schedule

One of the best parts of being your own boss is that you make the rules—especially when it comes to your schedule. Whether your business is just taking shape, or your storefront is up and running on its established hours, you have the freedom to take time off when you need it.

Set clear boundaries regarding work hours, then stick to them as much as possible. Your to-do list might be miles long, but there is always something to be done in entrepreneurship. Make an effort to “leave the office” by a certain time each day. In your off time, find outlets for stress, so you can be as productive as possible the next day.

If your schedule seems all-consuming, make an effort to build in time for yourself and your loved ones. Schedule an hour-long “meeting” to hit the gym, enjoy a hobby or take your family somewhere fun.

Balance challenges with rest

Entrepreneurship isn’t always easy—you’ll face hurdles and obstacles as you grow. To handle these challenges, you might need to spend more time at work and expend more energy than usual.

Fortunately, challenges can be met with solutions. Once you’ve sorted out a difficult hurdle, reward yourself and recharge with a day off or a mini vacation before diving back into work.

Hire the right people

For most franchise or independent business owners, their business is their baby. Building something from the ground up can make it hard to let go or hand over the reins. But it’s important to remember that you aren’t in this alone!

Hiring the right team of employees can help your business flourish while giving you the freedom to spend time on you. Put effort into building a team you trust, then give them non-crucial tasks you have on your plate. Prioritize what you need to work on and what can be handled by others to effectively lighten your daily load.

If hiring isn’t realistic just yet, explore third-party vendors and services to see if that’s a better option for you.

Love what you do

Many small business owners are extremely passionate about the industry they work in and want to work hard to leave their mark. As the saying goes, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Although running a small business does require a lot of hard work, that work becomes a lot easier if you truly love what you do.

When starting your business, you’ll want to minimize challenges as much as possible. This often starts by securing financing. At Tenet Financial Group, we help aspiring and current small business owners capitalize their businesses. Contact us today to learn which funding option is right for you.