The Tenet Difference

Anyone who has ever visited our website, read our blog, follows us on social media or does business with Tenet Financial Group has heard us say Funding is Everywhere…Trust is Here. This catchy phrase is more than just a brand message for our team. It’s a way of doing business that differentiates our team from other firms in the marketplace.

At Tenet Financial Group these ideals drive our business:

-Service, Not Sales – Our clients choose Tenet Financial Group not only because of our expertise in business funding, but also due to our dedication – throughout the life of their business – as they need us.

-In-House Attention – That dedication translates to in-house administration, maintenance and management of our clients’ C Corporations by a talented team with nearly eight decades of combined funding experience.

-Zero Shortcuts – We don’t cut corners. It’s that simple. Funding is not cookie-cutter. One client might need a SBA loan plus ROBS funding and another client might need something else (and often does!). We aren’t taking the shortest route to business funding – we’re taking the best route on an individual basis for each client.

Working with Tenet means financial expertise in your corner, and peace of mind in your business. It’s Small Business Funding You Can Trust. Use our online pre-qualification calculator – with no obligation – or give us a call today to start the conversation – 888-901-3335. And, if you want to join the Tenet Financial Group team, check out our available career opportunities.