Funding Your Business Venture – Quickly!

We’ve all been there…that exciting “thing” you can’t wait to do fast, but you can see the potential issues ahead that could delay the start of that “thing.” If that “thing” is starting your new business, Tenet Financial Group can clear the path of common roadblocks related to business funding and help you open the doors on your startup business or franchise in as little as 30 days in some cases!

There are two primary sources of funding designed to be super fast for those who qualify, but each has distinct advantages:

Unsecured Lines of Credit

  • NO collateral required
  • NO financials required
  • Start-Up Businesses qualify
  • Credit Partners (business partner, spouse, friend, or family member) can be used to qualify
  • Funding in as a little as 3-5 weeks

The inherent disadvantage to credit-based funding is the repayment terms.

401(k) Rollovers

  • Utilizing qualifying pre-tax retirement funds
  • Debt-free, penalty-free and tax-deferred funding source
  • Not a traditional loan or distribution and not subject to repayment terms
  • Can be used as the non-equity injection needed for those who need capital to secure an SBA loan
  • Funding in as a little as 3-5 weeks

Rollovers are being used more frequently today than ever before because Americans are generally “cash poor” when it comes to access to available capital. Using your own qualifying retirement funds for a Rollover means you are simply moving some of your investment dollars to your new business’ C-Corporation.

Tenet Financial Group is ready to help you fast track your business from concept to reality, and we specialize in both Unsecured Lines of Credit and 401(k) Rollovers, among other funding options. We provide free consulting to discuss your needs and determine the best option(s) based on your unique needs. Contact us today to speak directly with a senior consultant – 888-901-3335.