Summertime is Rounding Third

How many of you have been working hard to build your business this summer? If you read our blog on summertime business tips in May, you’ve probably followed up with current customers and connected with new ones, attended a trade show or two, and maybe even added new staff or services. Good for you! These activities are certainly time well-spent.

But, as summertime is rounding third and headed for home plate, there’s still opportunity to make the season, and the following fall months, the best yet for your business. Here’s how…

Make a list of your top prospects.
Every small business owner in a business-to-business company should be constantly mining their connections to identify business prospects. During summer, get on the web, particularly on LinkedIn, and start researching contacts who have the potential to become big customers before the end of the year.

Develop your fall marketing plan.
Don’t wait until the leaves are turning colors or the temperature drops to start planning out your fall marketing strategy. Consider the prospects you have identified and ways to best reach these contacts with your businesses’ message. Then, develop a plan and budget for marketing activity to reach these contacts via email, mail, phone, social media or traditional advertising, or community activity/sponsorships. If prospects don’t know you’re there, they won’t become customers.

Tackle that project you have been putting off.
Does your storage area need organizing? Do you have paperwork that needs to be filed, digitally scanned or submitted to a third party? Do you need to paint the front office? There’s no better time than now. Studies show that procrastination can negatively impact your mental health and, of course, productivity dips. Roll up your sleeves and finish that task waiting in the wings.

Review the books.
Review your business goals from the beginning of the year. Are you on target to meet these goals considering that half of the year has already passed? Do you need additional capital to help finish the year strong? Contact Tenet Financial Group to have a no-obligation discussion about your business funding needs. Our Senior Consultants take a consultative approach of listening and then educating you on all of your available business funding options.