Turning Passion Into A Business

Today’s business headlines are full of stories about entrepreneurs who turned their passion into a profitable business. The Honest Company was founded by Jessica Alba to address her concerns about ethical consumerism. The immensely-popular skincare brand, Rodan + Fields, was founded by – you guessed it – two dermatologists. These are just two examples amongst the hundreds that tell a business success story that started with passion.

But, passion won’t pay the bills all by itself. Making the leap from passionate person to successful business owner is infinitely more possible when you follow these three tips:

Determine the demand.
Don’t plunge headfirst into a career with low demand. It’s helpful at this point to develop a business plan before going any further into your business discovery and development process. Your passion might not have the makings of a viable business and learning this before you quit your day job is crucial.

Become qualified.
Does your passion require additional education, courses or certifications to operate successfully, legally, within all code requirements, etc.? Part of the above recommended business plan development process should include due diligence on what the requirements are for your business endeavor.

Stay motivated.
Once you’ve completed your business plan and become qualified, work hard to stay motivated. You might be thinking, “It’s my passion! I can’t get tired of it!” In reality, the road to entrepreneurship is full of potholes and detours that can challenge even the most dedicated of passionate people. Experts recommend that you make a conscious effort to take a step every day that gets you nearer your goal.

The above tips are just some of the topics a qualified business coach or franchise development officer will have with you. Tenet Financial Group has long-standing relationships with coaches and directors in every region of the country and we’re happy to share referrals with you. Give us a call at 888-901-3335 x. 9 and one of our senior consultants can send you in the right direction.