6 Benefits of Attending Industry Trade Shows

As a startup business, it can feel like you’re out of touch with what’s happening in your industry. Small business owners can remedy this problem by attending an industry trade show. You’ll gain access to highly targeted consumers and industry leaders eager to share trade secrets with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here are six benefits of attending a trade show for your respective industry.

1. Gain insight from top competitors

Trade shows put all your competitors under one roof. This gives you a prime opportunity to walk the exhibition floor and learn which strategies carried industry leaders to the top. Visit booths that receive the most foot traffic and look for common trends driving their success. Take note of less popular booths, too, as they offer insight on which strategies and services don’t work very well or don’t seem very popular.

2. Attend sessions to grow your business

Make time in your schedule to attend educational sessions that can guide your business in the right direction. Trade shows are your chance to learn from keynote speakers and thought leaders in the industry. Check the master schedule to see which sessions are most relevant to your business goals. Missing out on a few sales leads is well worth the long-term investment in your company.

3. Build connections with industry leaders

A trade show is the perfect place to network with others in your industry. Strike up conversations at competitors’ booths and exclusive events to see if anyone’s interested in forming a connection. Networking encourages business owners to share ideas, give some advice and potentially work together in the future.

4. Raise awareness for your brand

Trade shows are especially beneficial for small business owners looking to get their foot in the door. You’ll get to meet face-to-face with competitors, consumers and industry leaders, which is a very direct way of establishing your presence in the market. Consumers will stroll past both new startups and national corporations as they peruse the exhibition floor. Putting new and established businesses next to each other levels the playing field.

5. Generate new leads and close sales

Digital and print forms of marketing take time to gain traction for your business. But at a trade show, you’re speaking directly to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. Trade booths provide that in-person experience consumers crave, and you get a shot at highlighting your best products or services. You’re more likely to guide leads down the funnel or close a sale right on the spot.

6. Create a lasting impression on consumers

The goal is to help consumers remember you long after the trade show ends. Decorate your booth with eye-catching graphics that help your brand stand out from all the others. Boost consumer engagement with promotions, giveaways and social media hashtags. Hand out business cards so clients choose you when it’s time to make a purchase.

Presenting at a trade show can advance your position in the industry. You get to scope out the competition and pitch new products or services to potential customers. Reserving your spot is a huge upfront investment, though, which is why Tenet Financial Group is here to help you obtain funds that can pay for trade show expenses. Get in touch to learn about your options!