Grow Your Business This Summer

Being open for business in the summer months brings challenges unique to the season, but summertime doesn’t have to be a detriment to your business. In fact, the summer months are great time to build your business.

Grow Your Team
Adding team members in the summer months can help alleviate some of the staffing fluctuations inherent to the summertime. Whether you add customer-facing or behind the scenes inventory management team members, any time of year is a good time to add talent to your business.

Offer Summer Promotions
Generate new or increased business by offering a summer promotion or discount. For instance, offer a promotion in which clients can refer friends and colleagues and get 10 percent off their next service, visit or purchase.

Review Your Marketing and Social Strategies
Summer offers a great time to review your marketing and social status thus far for the year and prepare for the fall and winter ahead. Review campaigns that worked and why, and campaigns that didn’t work and why. The analysis of both positive and negative is essential.

Schedule Summer Travel
Head out of the office and go see your clients. Whether they are across town or a plane ride away, nothing replaces face-to-face interaction for relationship building. Tradeshow season continues throughout the summer as well and presents a great opportunity to not only see other clients, but also network with peers and potentially learn new tips to grow your business.

And, of course, funding needs don’t slow down during the summer. Tenet Financial Group is here and ready to answer your questions and guide you through the funding process. Contact our team at 888-901-3335 or via email at