Is Your Business Booming? A Vast Majority Say Yes!

America’s business climate continues to steadily improve, a testament to the blood, sweat and tears of small business owners all over the country. Financial advantages, such as the reduction of the corporate flat tax rate as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in late 2017, are certainly an encouragement for both current and future entrepreneurs as well. In fact, 75 percent of small business owners are confident that the economy is heading in the right direction for their businesses to expand over the next twelve months, according to the Spring 2018 Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index report.

The full report is located at this link, but here’s a quick overview.

  • 71 percent of business owners surveyed indicated their businesses improved over the past year.
  • 62 percent stated they were somewhat or very likely to purchase new equipment.
  • 60 percent were likely to invest in new products or services to expand their business.

When confidence is high like the above numbers indicate, the trickle-down effect for both businesses and consumers is tremendous. Businesses feel good about investing money towards that growth, offering new services, opening more locations and the like. Consumers see this confidence and generally respond to the positive momentum by taking advantage of those expansions, services, locations and other results achieved when businesses prosper, in addition to these businesses creating new jobs to meet this demand and are able to offer higher salaries, bonuses and other incentives to hire and retain qualified staff.

For businesses looking to capitalize on this market potential, funding can be a significant concern and understanding all the available funding types can be a challenge. Who has the time to research options while running a business?

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