How Reviews Can Impact Your Business

Ever do business with a business or company based on the referral of a friend, family member or colleague? Most of us rely on the feedback or opinions of others for things like where to eat or best vacation spots, but have you considered what your clients are saying about you when asked? If not, you should be, and, here’s why:

Per data released in 2016, Angie’s List, a leading American home services website, had 5.09 million members using their website to find the best plumber, electrician, healthcare facility and more. In addition, Yelp users have contributed over 142 million cumulative reviews of almost every type of local business. It’s clear the power of a review – positive or negative – can make an impact on a business’ success or decline simply based on the sheer volume of people who are actively seeking and leaving reviews across many online platforms.

So, how does a business solicit reviews/feedback from its customers?

First and foremost…ASK your customers’ opinions. Whether you plan to use a survey tool like SurveyMonkey or a simple written survey taken after a service is provided, you can quickly elicit feedback that will allow your team to address any issues that could result in a negative word-of-mouth review. Surveys can include in-depth questions based on the service you provide or can be more general in nature and include a rating scale like “Rate 1-5” or “Choose Excellent, Good, Poor” or something similar.

Review options are also available on social media platforms like Facebook and you can ask your customers to leave their feedback there by giving them your company’s Facebook URL such as

When you obtain great feedback, don’t be afraid to share it! Post customer comments on your website, in your advertisements, on your social media channels, in your marketing emails, etc. If you don’t plant to use customer reviews to your advantage, then why even ask for them?

In reality, the point of asking for a review when someone does business with you is this…the golden opportunity to make a fan of every customer! Positive reviews are great, but the negative feedback is where a business can truly shine and make it right if something tarnished the customer’s experience with your business.

At Tenet Financial Group, we welcome all reviews and encourage you to let us know how we’re doing: