Franchise Funding with SBA Express Loans

Franchise startup funding is one of the primary hurdles entrepreneurs face once they have chosen which franchise they want to open. That funding – often referred to as working capital – needs to not only cover initial expenses like real estate, equipment and franchise fees, but also ongoing needs such as inventory, marketing and paychecks.

Tenet Financial Group clients who need up to $150,000 in working capital often go with an SBAExpress loan because of its many small franchise-friendly attributes.

“SBAExpress loans are a small, compact loan that are ideal for franchises,” shares Derrick Skogsberg, Tenet Financial Group founder. “Funding is secured very quickly with approvals often within 72 hours. Plus, lender transaction costs for SBAExpress loans are relatively low.

Here are some of the SBAExpress loan specifics:

*Reduced lender transaction costs that are tied to the loan amount – the smaller the amount needed, the less the lender transaction costs

*10-year term – which coincides with most 10-year franchise agreements

*Closes within 45 days

*No business plan required

*Low cash injection required

*SBAExpress and ROBS/401(k) Rollover funding can be used as the required cash injection

If you need a low dollar loan to start or buy a franchise, Tenet Financial can help you get the working capital you need. Contact us today to discuss your funding options – 1-888-901-3335 or email us at