Fielding the Right Team for Business Success

It’s uncanny how similar running a business is to coaching a football team. You might not be putting on pads and lacing up cleats, but the team’s objective is still the same: Execute a strategy, outplay the opposition, and secure a victory.

Like coaching football, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Who are your star players? Where do you have depth? Are you playing to your strengths? Understanding the people you’re leading is the key to fielding a team capable of winning. Here’s who you want to put on the field.

The quarterback

If you’re the head coach of your business, your quarterback is your second in command. They’re leading the team out on the field, executing the strategy you’ve worked hard to devise. Your quarterback ensures everyone knows the play and is in position. But more than that, they’re reading the defense and making adjustments in real-time.

Whether it’s your store manager, chief executive, or departmental head, make sure you’re fielding a quarterback with a winning spirit and the leadership abilities to command your team.

The running back

This is your workhorse—the person you’re going to hand the ball off to when the only solution is to put your head down and power through. On 4th and goal from the one-yard line, you need someone in your backfield that’s automatic. Someone who isn’t afraid of a little hard work because they know there’s a chance to be the hero.

In the office, your running back is your rising star. It’s the guy who stays late, takes on extra work, and goes the extra mile to show you that he’s ready to carry the load. Keep feeding him and he’ll keep producing!

Wide receivers

It’s time to bring the “air raid” concept to your office. With four or five great receivers on the field, someone is always open, ready to make a big play for your business. Everyone has their own assignment and when they execute, it’s a thing of beauty.

Office wide receivers are your account managers and junior staff. They’ve got one job and they do it well. Give them their assignments and watch them contribute to the success of every play—even if they’re not the ones holding the ball. Just make sure they’re developing a good rapport with your quarterback!

The tight end

On the field, a tight end is a jack-of-all-trades. Sometimes they’re blocking. Other times they’re receiving. They do what they need to do for the success of the play.

Every office needs a tight end. Someone who jumps into the fray and does whatever needs to be done to ensure success. Marketing today. Account management tomorrow. Having an employee willing to answer the call, no matter the job, is an asset to your business no matter what field you’re in.

Beyond the skill positions

No football team is complete without its skill positions, but don’t forget about the unsung heroes: The offensive line. These are your men in the trenches, battling it out to gain ground for your company. They’re holding the line and pushing back against the competition so you can focus on formulating big plays down the field. Without them, your team is going to be running for their lives!

Business, like football, is a game of strategy and execution. At Tenet Financial Group, we have assembled a team with nearly nine decades of combined funding experience in everything from SBA Loans to 401(k) Rollovers to Unsecured Lines of Credit. No matter which play is called to execute your business’ strategic goals, we offer the funding solutions to get the job done. Contact Tenet Financial Group today to learn more.