5 Types of Businesses You Can Start From Home

There is no shortage of business opportunities available in the world. Aspiring entrepreneurs have their pick of business types that best suit their interests and needs. If you’re looking for a business that has low overhead and startup costs, you can’t go wrong exploring opportunities you can launch from home.

Home-based businesses vary wildly across all industries and often have just as much earning and growth potential as businesses with storefronts or offices. Moreover, these business types are much more accessible. Entrepreneurs with limited startup capital won’t need to go into debt for a lease or down payment or empty their pockets buying all the items needed to furnish a physical location.

For most home-based businesses, all you’ll need is a website and internet connection, plus some supplies needed to conduct your day-to-day operations. Even if your company will eventually require inventory, you’ll likely be able to get the business off the ground using your home’s extra space and grow from there.

Interested in launching a business from the comfort of your own home? Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Content services: There are a wide range of content-based businesses you can start with just a computer and an internet connection. Social media, writing, digital marketing, design and even photography businesses can all be operated from your home, even as the business grows over time.
  2. Cleaning business: Businesses that clean other people’s homes or offices can easily be launched from your own house. Since you’ll travel to other people’s properties, you don’t need your own physical location to operate out of. You’ll just need somewhere to store your cleaning supplies and equipment.
  3. Dropshipping store: If you have a dream of owning a store but don’t have space for inventory and in-person shopping, curate a collection online and dropship the items. Dropshipping allows you to take customer orders and have a third-party retailer fulfill them. This is a great way to develop an audience from home and build into a physical store down the road.
  4. Coaching and consultation: There are tons of opportunities in the coaching and consulting sectors of business. Everything from sports coaching to travel consulting can be done from your home with just a computer and a webcam. Unique knowledge and skills you’ve developed throughout your career can position you in a consulting niche and help you teach others.
  5. Interior design business: If you have a knack for interior design, home organization or even home staging, you can easily open a business from your own home. These businesses might require some space to plan your ideas as well as a computer and phone to network with local contractors or real estate agents, but they don’t require a storefront!

Starting a home-based business is a lot easier than most people think. All kinds of companies can be launched from your home, even if you plan to build them into larger operations that need a physical location. Think carefully about what your business truly needs to start out and save your money if you can begin growing without an office or storefront!

If a home-based business sounds ideal but you don’t have any unique ideas, there are also a range of franchise systems that allow franchisees to run their business from home.

When you’ve calculated the startup costs for your new home-based business, contact Tenet Financial Group to explore funding options!