Head “Back to Business” This Fall With These 5 Tips

While parents, teachers and students across the country are caught up in the excitement of heading back to school, those of us in the business world can drum up some fall fun of our own!

Instead of a back to school list, we’ve prepared a list of the unique opportunities the new season offers you for refreshing your business. Check out our five tips for starting autumn off strong.

1. Find out what your friends have been up to this summer

Now that everyone is turning off the out of office message and heading back to work, take some time to reconnect with your best business partners. Reach out to clients, vendors, referral sources and others who can help you find new business. Have a refresher conversation about their needs and your current offers to see how you can hit the ground running this fall.

2. Set goals and sharpen your focus

Fall is a great time to reflect inward and check in on how you’ve been meeting your business goals for the year. Have you worked towards the goals you set in January? Are you following your business’ mission and staying focused on accomplishing it? Take time to reflect on how well you’re serving your customers and employees, and consider which changes you need to make or which growth opportunities are available.

3. Brainstorm ideas for the big event

A new season is a great chance to debut a new product, new service or new campaign. Think about how you can re-bundle your services into an attractive new offering. If you’ve been waiting to debut a new product, fall is a great time for finding a captive audience, especially if you’re B2B. Consider how you can develop campaigns around your offerings, like a webinar series or local outreach.

4. Hit the books

Hopefully you had a busy summer with lots of sales. Take some time to review your finances and see how your company is doing with regards to projections, cash flow and budget. If you have a surplus, determine how to reinvest in your company with the new season.

You should also set aside time to review your accounts receivable and see what you’ve been collecting to date. Do you have outstanding invoices? Reach out to clients to close any communication gaps around payments. Now that everyone is back in the office, you should have an easier time reaching your contacts.

5. Start thinking about spring deadlines

It’s never too early to prepare for next year’s tax returns. Did you make a large payment during the last tax season? Start planning now (if you haven’t already) to prepare for next year. Compile and organize receipts for deductions for which your business might qualify. Even though the year isn’t over, you can also start preparing W-2s and 1099s for employees and independent contractors, respectively. These are due January 31, so if you need to compile personnel information, start doing so now.

Now that you have these tips, we’ll see you in homeroom… er, the meeting room!

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