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Dan Sitzmann

Vice President of Plan Administration


Dan Sitzmann
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A Warm Welcome From Dan Sitzmann:

"we are out to protect the safety of our clients rollover dollars by making sure their plans are in compliance with the IRS. I've seen over my 26 years of experience, TPA firms let their clients do whatever they want and that is not the right way to assure that their plan stays in compliance, we won’t allow or take short cuts to put the client and their business at risk."

Dan Sitzmann graduated from Westmar College in 1986 with a degree in Business, Finance and Economics, after a short venture in the insurance industry it led him to working for RL Billings & Co, a Third Party Administration (TPA) company for 22 years. He worked his first 10 years as an employee and the last 12 years as a partner/co-owner of the business.

In April, 2009, he sold his ownership and a few months later, in July, 2009, started working for Tenet Financial Group and Derrick Skogsberg as Vice President of Plan Administration.

Today, Dan's Administration team at Tenet Financial Group consists of 45 of years of combined experience in the TPA industry.  His team consists of Ann Lee, Jen Preston and Erin Kimbell. Dan is a certified Retirement Plan Associate (RPA) and each one his employees are certified Qualified 401K Administrators (QKA)

For Dan, each year is like putting together a puzzle, "all 401k plans are different, the rules and regulations from the IRS are the same, and each plan has its own unique set of demographics that have to fit together like a puzzle."

Tenet Financial Group can help you use your retirement funds to secure funding for your business, but more importantly, when you need a TPA to service your plan and keep you in compliance, your team of in-house professionals at Tenet Financial Group will be there to serve you every step of the way.

To inquire more about using your retirement dollars to fund a business, call a Tenet Financial Group Senior Consultant, Diane or Kelly at 888.901.3335, ext. 9, or click here for someone to contact you.